About me


My name is Attila Zsarnay, I was born in Budapest in 1961.

From my early childhood I spent all my summer holidays in Mátra Mountain , Northern Hungary.

I was five year old, when I had had " my first hunt" and since then I was , and I am hunting almost
every day.

I have been having my own dogs since my teenage years (always Hungarian Vizsla) during my
twenties I had trained -, competed and won tournaments with my dogs educated always by me.

I graduated in 1987, I am an agricultural engineer.

After having finished University I had started to work in Balatonfenyves (lake Balaton) as my first job,
where I immediately was in charge of organizing hunting trips.

At 1988 I have gained a job at the Hortobágy State Farm as a Principal Hunter.

At this time it was Paradise itself, 3o ooo hectares Hortobágy State Farm owned hunting field natural
habitat for wild ducks, wild gooses, pheasants and hares.

An average year we had 40-5o hunting groups between August and December. Unfortunately the
new Hunting Law in 1997 has changed everything, since the major part of these territories became
protected as a National Park, so the hunting activity has become forbidden there.

My first privately owned Hunting Agency was founded in 1993, which has been running as Puszta
Caccia 2000 Kft since 1995.

Once there have been lots of change in the hunting sector in Hungary during the past 20 years,
certainly it has had a dominant effect on my hunting organization practice.

Nowadays I have more and more groups to whom I am organizing hunting for big games.

My favorite games are the roe dears and the mouflons.

My biggest trophies are : a roe buck 542 gr - gold medal and a mouflon ram 81,25 cm silver medal.

Regarding the small games the center of my hunting territories practically is still Hortobagy and its
surroundings, where all the games are always naturally born never breeding game.

I live in Budapest with my family, while I have a hunting lodge in Hortobágy, too.